A place created and nurtured out of the love for health and wellness.






 A place created and nurtured out of the love for health and wellness.





We are gathering and building our tribe. We attract people that dare to go after the life they've always dreamed. Our Maven community is made up of doers, thinkers, risk takers, rule breakers, question askers, boundary pushers, explorers and bold humans who aren't here to settle. We believe in health throughout the mind and the body. We believe in knowing your limits and then breaking through them. Tell us no and watch us grow. We are more than a place to sweat, we are a place to build yourself up, a place to emerge taller. We are strong, we are Maven.


OUR mission

Our little studio packs a big punch. We aim to have it be your most favorite place to feel loved. Whether you need to unwind, kick ass, or find inspiration to be a braver human, this is your place.



We are here to inspire you and guide you. Lean on us and we will teach you how to find your biggest, baddest self. Our foundation lies in movement and knowing how the body functions no matter your basis. Our DNA is made up of love. Love for building communities, love for supporting others, love for ourselves and love for inspiring those around us. You can't be there for others if you aren't there for yourself.


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9th & 9th Pilates has been a place created, and nurtured,

out of the love for health and wellness.



 We started as a Pilates-exclusive studio but now include, Barr, TRX, Yoga, Spin and Cardio Circuit training. We take a comprehensive approach connecting with the body physically and mentally for a more well rounded result.

Our Pilates classes uses the STOTT PILATES® method, which is a contemporary and progressive approach to the original Pilates exercise method. Stott Pilates incorporates modern principles of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation, making Stott Pilates one of the safest and most effective Pilates methods available, Stott Pilates has the highest standards for training and certification within the Pilates industry. Stott Pilates focuses on maintaining, or regaining, an ideal postural alignment.



A prerequisite for students who have never taken a STOTT Reformer class and who intend to take any of the reformer-based classes. This class orients the student to the Reformer equipment and his/her personal settings. It also introduces students to the Five Basic Principles of STOTT PILATES – breathing; pelvic placement; rib cage placement; scapular movement; head and cervical spine placement.


*Ideal for beginners*

A Reformer based class focusing on the basics of Pilates and Reformer work. Designed for those who want a slower, easier pace with a mindful focus of the 5 STOTT alignment principles. This class may integrate foam roller and mat-based exercises.


An intermediate Reformer-based class. Reformer exercises improve core strength and balance the muscles around the joints, improving the way your body functions, looks and feels. Students who have never taken a STOTT Reformer class must take the Orientation to Reformer class prior to attending.


 Mix it up! An intermediate-level Reformer based workout that let's the instructor choose any combination of props, use of jumboard, springwall, all or none of the above! Format will vary from week-to-week. Pre-requisite: Orientation to Reformer.



A Reformer-based class that integrates the use of the Jumpboard. Jumpboard classes are serious cardiovascular and leg workouts that challenge the core and elevate the heart rate, while focusing on proper jumping technique. Great for avid cyclists and staying in shape for the ski season! Pre-requisite: Orientation to Reformer.


This class will feature a mix of reformer, Bosu, TRX, circuit and mat work. We will move from one room to the other in a heart pumping workout to build strength and keep you burning long after your done! If over 7 people sign up, 2 instructors will teach this class to accommodate 14 spots!


An intermediate to advanced reformer-based class, which requires greater strength, stability and flexibility than the Reformer I/II classes. Exercises in the Reformer II/III classes are more complex and typically performed at a faster pace than in Reformer I/II classes. It is required that students demonstrate great proficiency in Reformer I/II in order to advance to this class.



* Ideal for beginners*

We will be working hard on your core to strengthen your body from the abs out. Adding in mobility training to keep you moving with different focuses ranging from hips, shoulders, and knees. Balance will be focused on as well and is important with our daily lives of hunching over and sitting. Head to toe workout. No orientation necessary. Mat Pilates based fundamentals.


Classes will be taught in an all-levels format.  All students are encouraged to join! Please let your instructor know ahead of time if you have any physical limitations or concerns.You will be using a mat, mini stability ball, 2-3lb weights, a yoga strap, and of course the barre. We provide everything you will need, except for your energy and enthusiasm



Enjoy the familiar focus on alignment and core strength and familiarize yourself with vinyasa yoga with the addition of Pilates principles to enhance your practice: Sun Salutations, Ujjaii breath, powerful poses, dynamic flow and resting meditation. This class will leave your body feeling supple, strengthened, and stretched and your mind calm. Bring your own mat if you can. Rental mats are free on your first visit, and $1 there after.

BE strong trx

Strong is the new skinny and this class was designed for just that. High intensity intervals of intense strength training that will sculpt all aspect of your body while keeping your interest through a diversity of movements. The class is designed to increase strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, balance, and your metabolism. The use of various equipment will enhance the work out and increase stability demands of the body. Medicine balls, TRX, BOSU balance trainers and a variety of other toys will be used to challenge your strength. All levels welcome. Athletic shoes preferred.



Come spin with us. This 55 minute class will be a combo of cardio on the spin bike, weights and core for an entire full body workout. A class for all levels, beginners to experts. Wear leggings or bike shorts. Bring, water and sneakers or bike shoes, clip-less pedals provided. $130 for 10 classes

velo ride circuit

45 minute spin workout paired with a 15 minute heart pumping circuit workout. Your entire body will be pushed by cardiovascular and strength excersizes on and off the bike. May include TRX, Bosu, medicine balls and any other toys that will make you sweat!


Ride Velo


Ride Velo

What Is Velo?

Velo is a heart pumping spin workout that’s scaleable to your ability and fitness level.

Whether you are a first timer on a bike or a seasoned triathlete, Velo will rock your world. The experience is formatted around an awesome playlist choreographed to a workout that will likely include a series of climbs, flats, sprints, hovers, and downhills. But, its not your average spin class. Velo will lift you up and help you dig into your inner strength when we also get you off the bike for circuit and core work. That piece may be in the beginning, middle or end, but one thing is for sure, it’s never the same workout. 



You made it through your first class!

What’s next?

WHat should

I expect?

We always encourage people to try 5 classes before they decide their opinion. The first one may have been the hardest thing you’ve done in a long time, or maybe it was a breeze. By the end of the 5th class, your buns, your heart and your core will thank you. Spread them out to maybe 2 a week and work up to 3 times a week. Above that, we want to make sure you are cross training here or somewhere else so you don’t get injured from overuse. 


If its your first class, arrive early, maybe 10 minutes to get orientated with the studio and your bike. There’s a waiver we have you sign before you sweat with us located at the front desk. Let the instructor know you are new so we can help you with set up. Some of it is comfort based and some of it is based on your height, and torso length. Once you’ve been set up, you can just spin for a few minutes to get the hang of the balance and weight transfer. If you feel woozy anytime during your first class, slow down your feet and stop moving for a minute. Take a break and head outside to cool down. Signal to the instructor so we can make sure you are safe. Not everyone goes through this, but if you are just beginning a cardio routine, this is fairly normal and will get better as you gain fitness. 



Most people are more comfortable in leggings or spandex for the bottoms, but it is certainly not required. Some people prefer to even wear bike shorts to prevent any chaffing from the seats. However, our Velo seats are much more cushy than any bike seat you’ve been on. For tops, tight or loose fitting is fine, whatever you feel more comfortable in. It gets hot really quick in here so layers work well. Good athletic socks to soak up the sweat help. For shoes, you will be fine in sneakers or bike shoes. Our pedals have both Shimano SPD clips and toe straps, so some people choose to bring their own bike shoes for a more secure and stable fit. We do not provide shoes at this time. 

Water. Drink up buttercup, before, during and after. Its hot and sweaty in all the right ways. We provide towels and 2 giant fans to keep you cool. If you tend to get really hot, or are just starting out in your cardio training, sit by the big fan in the back for most air circulation. 


Rates + Policies


Rates + Policies



Due to limited equipment and group sizes 9th & 9th Pilates is not a "drop-in" studio. Please pre-register to reserve your spot prior to arrival using our online system or by giving us a call. We've made it easy: use any package towards any type of class:



The Tryout Tourist is new to the studio and will get a 9 class pass that’s good for any class we offer. This gives you a chance to try on every class before you find your perfect fit.

*locals only please! (60 day expiration)




The Curious Catalyst naturally wants a little more information tailored to their individual needs and bodies. Combining (2) one hour long private instruction and 10 group class passes will give you a solid foundation that’s the perfect kickoff to our studio. 

2 privates + 10 group classes



THE misfit maverick

Misfit Maverick doesn’t like anyone telling them what to do. They like it on their own terms. Same expiration dates apply to all punch passes as before.


5 class PASS  /  $115

single pass  /  $25

40 class PASS  /  $575

10 class PASS  /  $210

VELO love  /  10 pass

10 spin classes


REFormer orientation

(a prerequisite for those who have never taken a STOTT Reformer class)

EVERY SAturday  /  $25


THE voyager  /  any 4 pass

The Voyager is a always on the move. Perfect for those visiting SLC. If you are here longer than 2 weeks, talk to us at the studio, we can will tailor you something else special.

(14 day expiration)






Those Mavens that are ready to commit to their health. Less expensive than a 10 class pass. No brainer. The Bold is smart, savvy and always looking to push the limits.

membership includes:

- Attend up to 12 classes a month
 - 3 month commitment, renewing auto-pay
 - 25% off studio gear  /  25% off workshops
- Priority event and workshop registration
- Exclusive members only sales & events



THE Brave

The Maven that wants the best chance of success.The Brave takes life by its horns and makes the most of every minute. Best deal at the studio. 


membership includes:

- Unlimited classes

- 3 month commitment, auto-pay

- 50% off studio gear and workshops

- Priority event and workshop registration

- Exclusive members only sales and events




The Mavens wanting to test out their schedule and commitment without having to actually to commit. No multiple month commitment needed. The Beautiful knows how to stand on their own no matter who’s watching.

membership includes:

- Unlimited classes
- 1 month commitment, renewing auto-pay
- 25% off studio gear
- 50% off workshops
- priority event and workshop registration
- exclusive members only sales & events!



THE Bad a**

Those that know exactly what they want, when they want it. Unlimited classes for an entire year. Red carpet all the way.


membership includes:

- Unlimited classes
- 12 months paid in full, $300 in savings
- 5o% off studio gear
- 50% off workshops
- priority event and workshop registration
- exclusive members only sales & events!




The Sparkled Hero is one who works hard to better themselves and gives to others. If you are a full time student, teacher, or military we want to reward you for all you strive to do and be. Must show proof to purchase. 


membership includes:

- discounted for teachers, students, or military 




An individualized approach to your Pilates experience. Includes a comprehensive postural analysis and utilizes various Stott Pilates equipment, including: V2 Max, spine corrector, arc & ladder barrels, stability chair, and spring-wall. All private classes are one hour with numerous, highly-qualified, instructors to choose from. Private classes can be scheduled 7-days a week, at a time that is convenient for you. Great for injury rehabilitation and for those with limited movement. Or for those wanting to reach specific goals. Private classes expire 1 year from purchase. Semi Privates available (up to 7 people): inquire at studio or email for more info.


THE Boss

The Boss knows exactly what they want and when they want it. Privates can be done according to your schedule, your body, your needs. The Boss knows when they need individualized attention and help to get the job done Private classes expire 1 year from purchase Semi Privates available (up to 7 people): inquire at studio or email for more info.



($75 EACH)



20 PRIVATE CLASSES  /  $1,300

($65 EACH)


($70 EACH)



($85 EACH)



20 PRIVATE CLASSES  /  $1,500

($75 EACH)


($80 EACH)




Classes must be cancelled at least 12 hours in advance or class is forfeited.  /  A $10 charge will be assessed for every missed class without prior cancellation, referred to as a "no show".  /  All packages activate on the date of first visit, not on the purchase date.   /  Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable. It is our intent to always offer our scheduled classes, even if they are not full. That said, if a class does not have two or more persons registered six hours prior to class, we will need to cancel that class. Those who are signed up will be notified via their preferred contact method in the MindBody system. If a class is cancelled three times in a four-week period, we may need to remove it from our schedule.  /  For members, they are allowed 2 late cancels a month. Any late cancels after this amount, members will be charged a $10 late cancel charge for every late cancel after 2. This count starts over at the beginning of every month. Members will still be charged the $10 no show charge. 



Gift certificates available  /  Studio space rental available for workshops and events: inquire at studio or email for more info.  /  Please remember that we do not offer extensions, refunds or transfers of package, unless you purchase a new package before your old package expires. Send us your receipt and we will extend your unused classes and your new package will not start until you finish your remaining classes.  /  Local receive their first class FREE. Under the online store you can purchase this free class. You can only use this once, no exceptions. This DOES NOT apply to out of towners, we have a special package for you. Those caught abusing this policy will be charged for a drop in class.










9th and 9th Pilates rehabilitation programs are for those recovering from and/or wanting to rebuild from injury, illness, pregnancy and surgeries. We have found that 1-1 private Stott Pilates lessons from our skilled instructors bridges the gap between physical therapy and getting back to your normal level of fitness and activities. You will learn proper biomechanics under the watchful eye of your instructor while developing and re-developing strength, agility and balance in your core and limbs. 

On your consultation either over the phone or at the office, you will be matched with one of our instructors whose specialties meets your needs. On your first visit, a brief health history, your goals and objectives will be discussed. By the end of the first appointment, we will develop your treatment plan and schedule. 

At the beginning of each lesson your instructor will check in with you to see if you have any questions or concerns and see how you are doing. In your program your muscles will be skillfully worked bilaterally, unilaterally, in flexion, extension, rotation and lateral rotation to safely strengthen you in a balanced way. 

We can work with any degree of injury and/or level of fitness. We start from where you are and build from there. We will teach you modifications and work within your comfort range, always supporting you to strengthen safely. 







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